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Kiss me

Future Prince

Future Prince

Softly and gently the frog was making his sound, a croaking sound, a ribbit. Over and over again, charming beautiful Princesses and convincing them to give him a kiss so he might be Prince again. That the spell might be broken. But alas, although Princesses were present they were all already happily married with their versions of Prince Charming…

Step by step to infinity

Small steps, will these lead to a big step or are we getting more and more lost.

Small steps, will these lead to a big step or are we getting more and more lost.

Step by step, getting closer to infinity, step by step getting away from history. Moving and not stopping. How long ago did they pass, where to? If I follow it, where would I end up. Why dont I try? Thinking about it, they are heading my way. Is my way the right way or am I just in the way? So many questions, so many options, will I ever know…

Amersfoort by night

Slicing through the night

Slicing through the night

All those buttons on my camera, all those settings and such wonderfull effects, waiting for me to use and capture life as we know it. Or maybe more than we know. Who are in those cars and where to are they going to, slicing the night. Why are they outside, not taking pictures like me, would they?

What ya looking at?

Cat in the window

Look at me…

What are you looking at? I hope you aint looking at me, if you are, you better move on quickly. This is where I reign, this is my turf, my kingdom and I aint trading it for a horse. So better move on… You are still standing there? What a guts…

Up in the sky

Statue in Madrid

Statue in Madrid

Chemtrails, or not, even the statues in Madrid, Spain, are pointing towards the sky. What is happening above our heads? Something to be worried about? What is he trying to convey? Concerns, asking for attention or just information. Hey you, cancel the hurry, enjoy life as your plane already left without you. I dont know. Just imagine yourself continuously pointing upwards, my arm already starts to ache just by the thought of it.



Arty-farty. In the midst of the Woods in the Netherlands there is an outdoor museum called Kröller-Möller. In the gardens, or just the Woods there are plenty of statues and other creations to be found. This one is called the Needle Tower II, is 28 meters high and made by Kenneth Snelson. It is based on the fundamentals of pulling and pushing forces (tensegrity). Remove one cable or needle and it will collapse. Well, having been there, it looks quite awesome and it is amazing that it can remain standing. More info at

Shopping in Hoi An

Hoi An

Vietnam, Hoi An, evening. What else to do in Hoi An than shopping. Trodding past many shops in an endless looking street. Each showing more beautifull (or less) garments. Of course we couldnt resist and left with a couple of suits, jackets, trousers, dresses, skirts and an empty wallet.